The “When HR Means Business” project


Even with the digital revolution in full swing, business is, perhaps now more than ever, about people. With this in mind, companies aiming for long-term success need to understand the fast-evolving role of HR.

Only a decade ago, HR was thought of as an administrative function; but nowadays it is expected to be agile, data-driven, tech-savvy, and business-oriented, while it simultaneously drives change and contributes to the implementation of the company’s overall business strategy. There’s a lot to be expected of HR in the digital age, but with that responsibility also comes great opportunity.

As the Nordic leader in HCM software, we here at CatalystOne have a vested interest in promoting the digitalisation of HR processes in Nordic organisations. However, one of the reasons we’re so good at what we do is that we believe in the intrinsic value of HR.

In all our interactions with organisations, we see how passionate HR practitioners are about what they do, and we see the value they deliver to their businesses. This got us thinking: what can we do to help share this passion with a wider audience? How can we boost the visibility of HR as a practice and assist in its evolution into the much more strategic business role it is beginning to play? And how can we help connect the dots we see between the needs and goals of HR, business and IT?

We know people out there have things to say, and it became clear to us that what was missing was a space where they could be heard. So, the first step we are going to take is to offer a platform from which the voices of industry, from both HR and business perspectives, can share thoughts, trends, facts, beliefs, challenges and successes.

Through our “When HR Means Business” project, we will be sharing articles, interviews and posts from a range of people who are as passionate about HR as we are. We will share thoughts and ideas from HR and business leaders as well as some stories from our own customers who had unique challenges to solve.

We hope this series can serve as an inspirational source for those of you pursuing the goal of making modern HR an unquestionable contributor to your organisations’ overall business goals.

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More stories: